GrooveHomePagePhotoLet’s be clear. I am not consistently in my groove.  I am, however, a mommy who enjoys more groovy days than not.

I’ll help you get your groove back and find yourself again in the chaos of motherhood. (Even though there will still be days when you feel like you couldn’t find your groove if it smacked you in the forehead.)

My business formed out of what I’ve learned about authentic, fulfilled living. Moms tend to sacrifice their needs and put their lives on hold while they raise their children. They need a place to be real. To feel safe and understood. To embrace their imperfections. And to give themselves permission to chase their dreams again.

Being a mom and following your dreams is no small thing.

Let’s work on this together.

In my little corner of the online world, you’ll find tips, stories and strategies to inspire and encourage you to never lose sight of who you are and show you how to step into the woman you were meant to be.

So, let’s start here…

favicon  Motherhood and big dreams are not mutually exclusive.

   Whether you have a dream to be a healthier person, start your own business, or even become the best mom you can be, none of these things can occur if you let yourself believe that you can’t achieve something different or that motherhood makes it too difficult.  You can have both.  It’s a both/and proposition not an either/or.

favicon  Goals need vision.

In order to see a big dream through, you need to SEE it. FEEL it. BELIEVE it.
Together, we’ll follow a process to make this happen.

favicon  You need support.

Let’s face it. The daily grind of motherhood is what landed you in the midst of your current lack of groove.  Surrounding yourself with the right people with the right support is the key to your success. (And that’s where I come in.)

So, settle in.  Click around.  Stay connected!  If you enter your first name and email in the box on the right, you’ll get an awesome challenge to jumpstart your groove, but more importantly, we’ll stay in touch!