Where Did My Groove Go?

This is really about a lack of harmony in our lives.  Becoming a mother is certainly a life-changing thing.  It’s amazing in so many ways but one of the surprising and not-so-awesome repercussions of raising children is how quickly you lose yourself in the journey.  And the worst part?  You feel guilt every time you think of your own needs.  It feels like the pursuit of personal and professional fulfillment, somehow makes you a ‘less than’ mother.

So, you make sacrifices.  You suck it up.  You make your choices because of what you think you ought to do.  Then one day, you wake up and you say, “How the hell did I end up here?”  Suddenly, everything starts to suck.   You feel like you shouldn’t feel this way because your kids are a blessing.  And they are.  So, why do you feel this way?  Don’t worry…you don’t suck.  You’ve just lost your groove.

 Can I Get It Back?

Here’s the good news:  You can get it back!  How it happens is different for different people.  I got my groove back by realizing that what other people think of me is none of my business.  Quitting my full-time job to pursue my passion of supporting other women seemed crazy, but, it’s been the best and scariest journey of my life.  I’m taking action every day that moves me closer to the life I really want.  What could be groovier than that?

What You Can Expect

I created How Mommy Got Her Groove Back to help other moms find the courage to pursue their passions to allow them to control their lifestyle and live their purpose.

I am a certified trainer with an international training company.  What I often see are people who really want to make changes, but can’t.  Whether they need to ‘run it up the flagpole’, get a certain set of approvals, or they just don’t believe they have the authority to make changes, the story is still the same.  I want to connect with moms who are both ready to talk about the changes they need to make, and are ready to pursue the work it will take to see them through.

In the end, I believe that by supporting and encouraging moms to be the best they can be, we can transform the world.  Our kids will not do what we tell them, they will do what we show them.  I want to help you achieve your dreams and goals for your life.  Thanks for stopping by!  I can’t wait to see you get your groove back!


To your groove,